Profiteering from the unlicensed utilisation of unsecured accounts is big business for unscrupulous corporations CEO's and solicitors it amounts to copyright and I.P theft and or infringement and or breached Non Disclosure Agreements.

We specialise in recovering debt from unpaid accounts of contracts and invoices that have been created by the illegal usage of account names of Trust beneficiaries. 

When Directors, Agents ,CEO's and now also shareholders commit fraud by laying false claims or charges and do not settle correctly served outstanding accounts our effective Kindness Credit Converter Service (KCCS) creates a perfect remedy of returning your energy from companies back to you the rightful owner. We Buy Any Debt does not collect on debts bought they are discharged as set out in the Steps to Self Determination. WBAD only instruct Kindness Credit Converters services for demands based on contracts knowingly entered into by the usage of any of ULC trusts copyrighted names. These documents are lawful documents due to all terms conditions being disclosed prior to the usage of the accounts.


Meet our team. Kindness Credit Converters are trained in Universal Law which encompasses Contract Law and in particular Mercantile Law and Consumer Credit legislation as well as Criminal Law, giving far greater protection to our communities than most police training provides currently. We operate in alignment with all legal requirements, only collecting on accounts created from full disclosure and free of bad faith which all parties knowingly enter into. We do not accept instruction from companies making false claim.

Our Kindness Credit Converters locate the debtor using Credit File information with our TRACE service and complete a Kindness Test with the debtor to ensure their repayment package is not going to cause financial hardship and explain our methods of settlement with a friendly phone call or if needs be a house call. If the account remains outstanding action including the removal of goods for auction and or court action is implemented all charges are added to the outstanding invoice as recovery fees. The debtor can off set the costs by filing a Contributing to My Community instead of using slave tokens. It pays to be Kind.

All our KCC are qualified and hold the Title Minister, ministering the law on your behalf.


Solutions. By Instructing WBAD your "conscious is covered" using our service to regain your energy, intellectual property and to compensate copyright infringement of credit accounts. Gone are the days of unscrupulous debt collectors with no consideration of the law and Kindness Credit Converters rebalance the ledger books without the need to compound persecution. The liabilities caused for our clients are settled in a different frequency and all parties benefit from that. 

Should the account remain un settled we apply a Secured Party Claim to the debtors credit file like a charging order placed upon a property and all assets and accounts are passed to the Trust see Mercantile Law Section 5, the ULC Trust stands surety of ensuring that all creditors are remedied. If these companies have used your accounts at all you are the creditor of their company. 

By re establishing your role as the Creditor you can direct how your energy is invested in the future. Without you becoming competent in this matter we don't have one.

Simply fill in the details on our web form this acts as an Assignment of Consent and grants us the Authority to act on your behalf in this matter.


© 2017 by WBAD. Part of KC. ULC TRUST

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