The Foundations of Freedom

When i started to remove myself from being the indoctrinated corporate minion everyone said i was crazy and that i shouldn't be challenging the Status Quo.. my family are now a separate entity to me due to their continued incessant supporting of the system that is destroying them and the rest of the universal Status Quo, but i have found my chosen family in community members across the Uk and Europe, Africa and the States as well as South America and the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. By sharing our abilities and with a collective intent of positive change i am so very happy to say that we have accomplished what we set out to do which was to give free access to natural cures instead of pharmaceuticals, free energy instead of petrol driven economies and organic food instead of GMO. Kindness Credits removes the supporting of the War mongering system and converts your energy into this kind of reality removing their money means you can access all those things using their money gives consent to them preventing you accessing. Thats the most important part for us .. the freeing of the human energy from the corporate enslavement where it is used to create bloodshed and fear. The Universe is now freely vibrating to Kindness as a current and Love is the frequency, balancing the vibrational ledger books back into alignment with creation protecting Gaia and its inhabitants and leaving a legacy for our future generations that is very different to the one that has been seen over the last few centuries.

Truth and caring for one another is the bi product of this structure where no one has to pass a persecution forward instead allowing the flow of their energy to be felt across the world free from borders or preconceptions. Open sourcing and connecting one another without gaining by costing another is now revealing itself to be the norm and no at all crazy.. crazy definition for me is those that call looking after one another crazy, thats the crazy part.

"We are still exchanging money" people say but money is just a token of your energy.. how many of your precious human energy did you invest in their system is represented by how many of their slave tokens you have or worse how many other priceless beings energy did you capitalise upon, making margins, siphoning off their energy to pay your persecutors with.

The Kindness Credit structure means you convert your energy into credits.. you are a credit to the Universal community and are a treasured asset your happiness counts and there really is a support mechanism out there all you have to do is believe it and then you see it. Try it on for size and feel your vibration rise as you make those small changes that you were told is not possible... don't listen to the crazy callers calling you crazy, just do it and you will feel the difference first then as the products you've access by investing your energy here transforms into solar lighting for example in your community your reality becomes very different and you consciously created that by removing your energy form a system that doesn't support you.

We have veg boxes in Dorset available to trade for services today and we also have Solar Lights available for the equivalent of 2 hours work in the system your already invested in.. by using these products accessed in this way those little ripples of change make a tsunami wave of difference.. Put it out there and see what ROI return on investment there really is when people are happy and can afford to consider one another. Giving you space and time back to spend in other ways because your not fighting to survive in a system anymore that only goes you liabilities while removing your benefits.

It is heartening to see articles of people taking action and spreading the message that war starts with your actions.. you say its not what you want, killing innocents with remote controlled weapons, spraying chemicals etc then its time to become conscious of a) how its done and B) how to prevent it.. its all here... now it comes down to those with eyes to see and the true intent of change.

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