Kindness Currency Resources land in the UK

Hurray after many months of preparation and research we are very pleased to say that our first dispatch of Kindness Credits Goodies arrived today to lay the foundations of the Kindness Communities in the UK. The people who have realised the benefit of removing their energy from the corrupted system by not using the colourable money to access their organically created resources they unsupported the system by not contributing to unlawful taxation firstly, but more importantly because no money was used except in the payment of the delivery .. until we all grow hemp for bio diesel this will be the only contribution to the petro-chemical driven IMF monetary system used by the people converting to kindness for their resources.

We had to find the way through and we have. Supported by some amazing people with foresight and belief we have done it together.

Thank you to all the people producing these amazing products that are now benefiting our beneficaries directly both in Greece and in the UK.

We have created another outlet to support the people of Greece using their amazing products to help support our communities in the UK and the best bit ... no children will be hurt in the names of the people using Kindness Credits Structure because no tax will be paid to turn into weapons to take innocent lives with or create unlawful wars with.

The ripple of kindness has now hit the much needed shores of the UK bringing access to affordable quality resources supporting a flow of a frequency of trust, love, focussed attention and care for the planet and her abundance.

We are open to discussing how this can also benefit all of us in the UK also and obviously all our community trusts we set up under land council are also welcome to utilise this structure to access and trade your energy freely... in a frequency opposite to the fear and persecution one that most make a "profit" from.

All aboard the Kindness Currency flow... destination better future for all creating a reality vibrating to love and kindness for one another xx

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