Converting your Energy to Kindness

Some people have contacted me and said the structure is a bit confusing. So i am going to try and explain it as simply as i can.

If you go on holiday you have to change your money from pounds to euros for example, or dollars or yen so on and so forth. The one thing this transaction has in common is that no matter which currency you exchange to the monetary system you are using is the International Monetary System which is owned by the Rothschilds et Al. The Federal Reserve system which supports weapons and petrochemical destruction and pays for the enforcement of others beliefs upon one another.

When you use ANY of these currencies owned by the IMF you are using something called colourable money. This is your consent to be subject to their Statutory Jurisdiction, this comes under the Uniform Commercial Code and you consent to be subject to their Acts and Statutes. It all ties into the bondage created through the bond of your Birth to the Birth Certificate. So much for keeping it simple.

So all you need to really know is that your energy is being used to support a reality that is created by us unconsciously, we simply, mostly don't know these facts.

By exchanging your energy that has been exchanged by the system into pounds, into a different currency, you can remove your energy from their system and in doing so remove your consent to be subject to their enforced beliefs upon you and your communities.

Yes we only have a limited amount of products at the moment for you to access but any unsupporting of this system has far reaching effects.

By using Kindness Credits to obtain your resources you help the self sustainability of the communities that produce the organic honey for example, by them using Kindness Credits they can unsupported the system at their end too as they are no longer subject to tax acts and statues or legalese so each claim made effects the system by about 34%. It also means you can obtain items without fear or threat as you are not within their realms of jurisdiction anymore because you are not using their money. Kindness is the new currency.

In exactly the same way you hand over your pounds at the travel agent exchange to change to euros if your off to spain you transfer the required amount of pounds that it takes to create one kindness credit.

Because the IMF creates x7 the face value of your claim we have used the conversion of £8 equals 1 Kindness Credit. This immediately nullifies their multiplication of negative creation in their system and balances the ledger books.

You go onto the shop page choose what you want and then work out how many Kindness Credits you need for example if it is 20 Kindness Credits in total for all the things you require you need to exchange £160 .. don't forget the pounds are just a token gesture of your energy. The energy is then transferred from their system into being reinvested into clean energy projects and organic growing and it means you aren't supporting terrorism anymore.

The items are then sent to you and the more support this gets the more quickly we will be able to grow our own bio fuels without paying licenses to the terrorist state for permissions that they no longer have the assumed authority to grant or enforce... its freedom .. i don't know how much simpler i can make it .. any questions i will be on Skype on Sunday at 5pm GMT lisa.nolson

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