Adoption of Kindness

Wow what a bunch of amazing people there are in this world that are taking the adoption of kindness on board.

This initiative seems to have already been simmering in the hearts of so many of you and all was needed was a platform to bring it all together.

The requests for the claim forms have been coming in and people have been exchanging their slave tokens to kindness.

There will be a kindness credit conversion facility created on the Island of Ikaria now so many people get the structure and how beneficial it is for them to un adopt that which is not serving them.

We will be waiting for the tourists to exchange their energy and they will receive the benefit of doing so by having discounts available in the participating outlets, this also helps the participating outlets because they are not penalised either on their tax returns any longer because the current used was not one belonging to the Rothschilds... do you get it yet ?

In participating they are also not required to perform under assume contract jurisdiction either... Another percentage of their priceless human energy reserved ...

We want to be able to extend this kind of understanding everywhere, so talk to your local shop keeper and get them to see how they too can set themselves free and stop being an unpaid tax collector for the rothschilds slavery system too.

The community here demonstrate the bringing together of their services at a great website with lovely people to enhance your experience.

People are still concerned that we are using tokens but remember its your energy that is invested in either something positive or something used to support terrorism with .. its that simple.. and yes of course our real goal as i always has been with the free organic food and energy projects and the community trust 5 hours a week contribution Ubuntu ethos is where we will eventually exchange all our services and trades directly with one another but until we are growing our own fuels and we have our own boats made out of hempcrete or Hellenic Seaways starts to accept jams and wine or massages in return for their seats we DO have to go through a transition period ..we cannot expect a monetary mindset conditioned to the extent that we collectively are to suddenly comprehend what people call Utopia .. we call it The Energy Exchange Network. We will achieve this one day in its completeness right now Kindness Credits removes 30% of your energy from the system immediately, simply by using it to obtain items that you would normally consume and support the cartel with your use of it. Fairy Steps but in the opposite direction and because of the fact we have devalued the unkind currency by 8 overtime you change your energy its effect negates the fiat currency system to the same ratio it is used to create negativity with... it balances the universal ledger book into the frequency of positive vibration. No more 30% of the purchase of your holidays wine honey etc can be used to persecute you with later...

We are going to be able to offer the solar systems to you all shortly just awaiting on the finalisation of the exchange rate.

#kindnesscredits #organicsolutions #organic #freeenergy #happiness #freedom #elisabethnolson

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