Brexit won't "exit" the Rothschild Dictatorship... Kindness Credits will....

While we all divide further over whether its a good thing or not we exited Europe we would do well to bear in mind that while we use their colourable money we fall under their jurisdiction, unconscious of the fact that this is how they claim we consent to their madness. The communities who realise this have moved away from this system and are exchanging their energies that were converted into petrol chemical slave tokens.. Pounds, Euros, Dollars etc, and have adopted this exchange mechanism, i am pleased to say in a wave of Kindness that has swept us all into a new future..

Because we don't use their money we are not subject to their legislation which means you can freely access these effective natural cures such as Hemp oil made "illegal" by them with the Cannabis act. Children and adults alike have found their exposure to the plant thats DNA is a complete match to your own have killed their diseases within around 3 months. No more are we going to stand by and watch our loved ones be chemically murdered for profit. The Kindness Credit structure protects you on all levels. Nothing says "All contracts severed" like using your own current sea, currency. People have called us idiots for using a token gesture saying its still money... money is a form of energy its what its converted into that matters ... and where its invested that creates a Kind future for the next generation... or not if you keep supporting the petro-chemical poison standing on the sidelines dissing what you never tried... Try it you might like it is a great way of obtaining a first hand perspective rather than someone else borrowed belief .. we know what borrowed belief got us.. look around.

So remember it doesn't matter which one of their politicians it is who is Prime Minster as the corporations at the moment own you and your resources, in or out you are still owned by the Rothschilds as they own the money and it is pointless to fall into their trap of division. Unite on the Kindness front peaceful removal of the system is what they don't want but what the universe is waiting for..

We have increased our product range and will be doing so daily as more producers realise the benefits to this.

If you have any suppliers of organic natural products or services let us know and we can explain the benefits to them also.

A big thank you from everyone involved to the people who have already taken the initiative and exchanged their energy to kindness... your products are on their way x

#Brexit #EuropeanUnion #EU

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