The Launch of the Kindness Conversion

We are very happy to be able to bring this platform to you now we have the structure in place. It would have been very easy to supply these amazing products to you all through the usual means and following the usual means your resources would have cost you the usual 30% mark up of its true worth due to the un consented to interference of agencies profiteering from others creations. This is where it stops.

We are now able to convert your dirty money into clean energy transference where no profit will be made but the resources used to sustain self supporting projects both in the Uk and here in Greece where the economy has been particularly suppressed by means of restrictive trading on the abundance that is freely provided here by Mother Nature in its organic form and the cost of using their commercial means of export import is too great on both universally and individually. The format we have created will create an asset transfer form one part of our trust to the other and as we are a private trust our produce is not being sold into the public domain it is not subject to the trade restrictions under the definition of "goods".

Our produce is our property and through the "transaction" / transfer, there is no payment therefore no Value added tax is applicable and all we have is the transportation that we are still obliged to contract with for the dirty fuel to get it to you. This is being off set by the investment we are making in alternative energy sources that you using this conversion structure to access your resources creates through supporting us, supporting you.

The accounts are ready we already have our Organic Olive Oil supply in the Uk ready to despatch from the 7 th July and we are taking pre orders for the first shipment which will include Honey, Wine and Herbal Tea from today.

The Organic Olive Oil is available in 16 kilo cans for those claiming for a community trust which can be dispensed into smaller vessels easily for those running a co operative ... sorry we can't do vats of wine in the same way... just yet.

We really hope you can all see the difference this will make by un adopting the slavery system even if its just for a few things that you buy regularly please support yourselves with affordable Organic Produce instead of cheap GMO that has a cost far greater than any of the worlds currency....

We will also have our first Kindness Credit Hub established with a shop front in West Yorkshire by the end of September as the expansion of our communities adopting kindness credits and the Organic Energy Exchange Projects

#ImmuneSyste #OrganicFood #HealthyLiving

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