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When we make a commitment to another it forms probably the most important contract you will ever create. For those that don't want a "white wash / one format fits all" wedding we can offer many bespoke ways to commit to your universal source energy vibrational match. On the Greek island of Ikaria we are very spoiled with abundance and not just from the produce that is used to prepare your wedding party breakfasts at one of the locations you have chosen to accommodate you on this very important part of your journey here on Gaia. The backdrops for the setting for your commitment declaration or incantation are breath taking spectacular.

How about using the crystal resonance of the huge Quartz Crystal reserves that Ikaria is formed from to transmit your love song across the universe, standing in the crystal caves resonating your love force frequency is very empowering and gives foundation to strong relationship creation.

Our Universal Life Church ministers advocate all beliefs are valid except the belief we have the right to force our beliefs on another.

As love is the most important of all frequencies, as it is what causes creation, entering into a love contract is a very personal action and needs to be taken freely and in truth.

Ironing out any unfinished business can be combined with mediate meditate workshops for all concerned after all its not just the one you love your contracting with but the rest of the family to interact with and its is usually here we don't give enough consideration to and repeat behaviour based from previous experiences can hinder the flourishing of abundant love due to proxy settings.

Using Gamma Healing Techniques Meditation and hypnotherapy as featured through we can remove all reservations or restrictions that may effect the longevity of the mechanics of a love commitment.

Imagine standing on top of the ancient stone altar with nature surrounding you declaring your love for your loved one written in your own words.

(creative writing workshops to structure your proclamations if needed.)

Accompanied by your close friends and family to witness the beautiful event.

An example itinary might be

10 days accommodation in a beautiful beach house with wedding party,

organic breakfast

island exploration and guided tours to select your favourite location for the backdrop for the professional photographer to record your very special event

Yoga and relaxation workshops to remove any rat race residue to assist with the beginning of your new future together on the beautiful white sandy beaches, thermal pools, meditation pools or tranquil mountain woodland.

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