By claiming your rights back to not be assumed to be a corporate slave any more this package gives you all you need as and when you need it. A back up help line international number that confirms the status of the non dislcosed name to any parties attempting to create a lien against you or your estate. All documents are filed to make you the secured party and all your debts are transferred to be dealt with in accordance of the law .. not some kangeroo court. You get paid for the liabilities you transfer via our Trust and we discharge the charges laid and stand as surety for you. All your property is protected from fictional claim and you are unable to create a problem for yourselves with our structure. 1 KC a month gives you unlimited access and back up and provides the man power to serve the notices. All surplus Kindness is collected together at the end of every year and accommodation paid for to provide shelter for the homeless in the UK and Greece. 

Universal Law Community Trust