The solution to to having to support the system of contamination while your holidaying harassed in the form of a 5 star retreat set in the beautiful surroundings of historical Loutraki, Greece. Here you will enjoy knowing that your energy converted into Kindness Credits to supply your requirement of therapeutic workshops such as Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gamma Healing, Hypnotherapy and Restorative Reiki combined with organic food and excursions to the Thermal Springs will restore and reboot your operating system and prepare you ready for your next encounter into the Matrix of Capitalism. By choosing to holiday this way support local organic growers, families and unsupport the system of corruption, your holiday is tax free meaning you get more for your energy/ money conversion and you also rest assured your holiday did not fund the purchase of illegal arms or synthetic versions of reality. Workshop long weekends start from 25 Kindness Credits per person. Week stays from 45 k/credits

Restore and Reboot your Hard Drive Retreat Holidays

  • Self Determination starts with belief. Belief that there is another way to conduct our lives. These workshops of The Steps to Freedom are tailor made to suit each individual requirement. Starting form restoring your immune system and internal operating system organic food is served twice a day to support you and guide you towards a life that is nutritious. You choose how long to come for, be it a long weekend or a week stay the hospitality here is second to none. Surrounded by the historical splendour that is Loutraki with healing water fountains and Thermal Spa visits you will be exposed to a healing environment to restore your hardrive in. Your mind. Here you can obtain knowledge and information of how to remove your ongoing unconsented support of a system that no longer supports your happiness and well being and learn how to tap back into your own source energy of resources and self sustainability. Gamma Healing workshops teach how to connect the heart to the mind moving the internal brainwave operating frequency out of Delta state, asleep to the facts, and awakens you into Gamma frequency. Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Your return back to your own communtiy armed with the resources you needed all along to create a stress free environment back home replicating all you learned and enhance your local environment with this re-knewed learning.