Kindness Credits Convertor's

To convert your energy ( currency) into our tax free, debt free exchange, its as simple as A, B, C.

A: you simply click the Exchange with Kindness Credits Button on the header of each page. This takes you into our Trust holding account page.

B: you simply choose how much of your slavery ( slave tokens) you want to convert using your bank card and add the trust email address which is you will be given a unique reference number which you MUST make a note of.

C: For example:

I want to obtain 1 Big Blue Frankincense Healing Balm, so I need 1 Kindness Credit to do so.

I click the Exchange with Kindness Credits button and choose 1 KC from the options before me.

I am then taken to the landing page ( slavery porthole we call it) and add the trust email address above and the other information.

This then sends the slave tokens to the holding account to be exchanged. I email with the unique reference of my conversion transaction and my "claim" (order) is fulfilled.

Why Would I bother?

Good question... the reason this is so important is that every time you move slave tokens the amount you move creates 10 to the power of 10 in fiat currency debt systems perpetuating your own debt and funds our own terrorism.  1 Kindness credit inside our community can be used as a method of exchange an unlimited amount of times... it only becomes relevant when someone in our community wants to cash out to slavery the more people who accept Kindness Credits as their "tender" the less frequently that has to happen.

For example : someone converts 8 slave tokens to create 1 KC that KC was then used to exchange with 8 times before someone needed to cash out into slaveville. That meant that 8 transactions / exchanges were completed with just 8 pounds of slavery. Each transaction not done in slavery costs the slave system 10 to the power of 10 of the face value of the transaction. As our community wants less and less slavery and operates with our Kindness credits we can complete more transactions with less amounts of energy.

To create a Minister Emoven Kindness Credit Account that allows for you to broker open your shares of the planet and her resources you have a god given share of all you need is a proton email address to receive the log in details to so please email with

"Activate Minister EMOVEN " on and you will receive your full account to reserve all your rights within.

So do not bother clicking book now on the services below as Wix want a fee for you accessing our services simply follow the steps above and cut out the middle man parasites. You are actually crediting your self and investing in your own community removing the stock from the stock market one exchange at a time.

By having an account yourself your business becomes tax free also. Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit with Kindness Credits through using the same process to convert your clients to Kindness. You simply add an Exchange with Kindness Credit button to your website and convert in the smae way as the simple steps set out here... making your buisiness a tax free haven.