About Kindness Credits

Our Story


Created by our own community members who realise they are the source of the true wealth and value to any society. By claiming back our energy from the corporate system we have adopted a different mechanism support structure for our social order.


Using Ubuntu 5 hours a week contribution in alignment with The Free Energy UK ethos The Community Trusts are now being adopted worldwide and through this awareness of a valid solution we are now able to offer a valid alternative to the unconscious supporting of a system that is not there to support you when you need it the most, instead it creates liabilities for you and our families instead of creating benefits of being a part of it.


We are a collective of highly trained community members, trained in finance, law, science and therapeutic healing, growers, doctors, teachers, professionals and skilled members of your local and international communities,  who have come together using all of our skills to create a stucture that offers a debt free reality of self sustainability and empowerment.


By sharing our knowledge we are now able to unadopt the Fiat currency system slowly unravelling our support from it step by step.


Debt is a fiction created to enslave us and because of this the IMF is a system that is created for you to discharge your debt through as oppose to repay it. This is not taught with full disclosure otherwise you would have not lived to work as previous generations have for aeons for their set of slavemasters.


The first step to freeing ourselves is to remove the liability we all keep unconsciously consenting to every time we use the block capitalised version of our born names. See Legal Name Fraud.


Go to www.treasurydirect.gov find bond calculator and insert your ID numbers ranging from NHS number to NI number to your driving license and bank account numbers...

This is how money is created, by gambling on every aspect of your experience which is why your options are really restricted, we aresold the idea we have choice byut in fact you only have the same 30 families brands to support and all is created from Petro Chemical derived synthetic alternatives to nature.

From your food to your health care products.


You are the STOCK and this is illegal as it falls under the Operation of a Slavery System, which was abolished, supposedly,  under the Abolition of Slavery Act


All our products and services are accessed by transferring the equivalent of £8 (corporate slave tokens ) into our holding account we then convert that into 1 Kindness Credit

Devaluing the corporate monetary system immediatley and then you choose which "benefits" you would like to "claim"  from your Trust it could be wine, food or a holiday or a debt relief service or an online therapy session.










 Debt Free Structure

By using your Kindness Credits you stop supporting weapon manufacturing and Global Terrorism by not supporting products subject to TAX, ACTS OR STATUTES owned by coporations that dont have your interest at heart